If you’re a fan of modern style, then you’ll know that a polo shirt is a piece of clothing that takes centre stage in a mans wardrobe. Polo shirts have always been an essential piece of clothing and are perfect for bringing a sixties look together. It’s a quiet background player, safe and reliable.

Despite being used and abused by holidaymakers and stag parties, the polo shirt has been a menswear classic for generations. From tennis court uniform to the wardrobes of stylish gents across the world, the polo shirt is now considered a modern-day essential. 

Because the polo shirt sits in the sporty-smart sweet spot it works well to upgrade your       weekend looks or reduce the stuffiness of your formal wear.Shorts or denim make for the best companions, but a polo shirt can be smarted up with a blazer or relaxed with a lightweight bomber jacket.

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Polo Shirts

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